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This week's focus

Muscle VS Fat

A client recently asked me, "Does fat weigh less than muscle?" The answer is no. Fat is simply less dense than muscle. Here's an anology, you have two ropes the same distance, fat is a rope with a knot every 3 feet, where as muscle has a knot for every 1 foot. If we had a rope that was 10 feet long we could only make 3 knots on the fat rope, but we can make 10 knots on the muscle rope. Fat simply takes up more space, muscle is 15% more dense than fat. The object of working out isn't to just reduce weight it is to increase lean body mass, or reduce your body fat percentage. Measuring your progress or your BMI (body mass index) by your weight lost isn't a good idea. If your diet is not right, or you're not getting enough rest, and or over-training you could actually be reducing your muscle mass instead of body fat percentage. The twist is the scale will not distinguish between fat lost or muscle lost.

Fitness training isn't easy, being consistent and disciplined requires a detailed plan of action. A fitness journal is a great tool to have as you pursue your goals, both short and long term. It takes 90 days to make a habit, create an outline of your training objectives for three months. Allocate a method to achieve the objective, necessary diet, and recovery time. The more detailed the easier it is track progress by compare and contrast. Remember fitness is a lifestyle, the better prepared you are for your journey,the greater the chance of success.