Learn to effectively ward off an attack utilizing Korean Martial Arts, Krav Maga, and Tang Soo Do Karate  


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Embracing The Nu-You Attitude!

Nu You fitness offers a variety of exercise plans to choose from under the guidance of a knowledgeable trainer. Each exercise plan can be customized to fit you and can consist of one or more individual workout plans. We specialize in cardio, toning, flexibility,  strength training,  martial arts conditioning, and self defense. Our goal is to be the deciding factor in your journey to successfully become the Nu You!

Nu-you Keys for success!
1. Attitude-Positive self projection
2. Intensity-Unyielding Effort
3. Diet-supportive eating habits


That's right "A.I.D", these three factors will aid you in your quest for a healthier you. A Nu-You!


"You keep telling yourself that you will start taking better care of you. Revisiting the same cycle of self propositioning as soon as you see something you do not like in the mirror, I will start a workout plan right after "this and or that",  or as soon as I can find time. Declare today to be the day that your world changes for the better and pursue the path that promotes a happier and healthier life. Consider this moment your first step toward a nu-you!"


Joraven Demonbreun

Owner/ Fitness Instructor